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Our Festival Picks for 2018

Our Festival Picks for 2018

Festival Picks 2018

So what are our picks for the 2018 Season?

The Festival scene is great. There’s music, stalls, and all kinds of things depending on where you go. But what do they all have in common? They all usually take place in muddy fields. Now that isn’t usually a problem, but for those who are fashion forward, the mud can be a major problem. To try and fix this, we’re taking a look at the top wellies you can wear to a festival and still enjoy yourself.

Blue Beret

Kicking off the list is the blue beret variant Evercreatures offers. Designed to be rough and ready for all the action you might find yourself in, these wellingtons are stylised to look like blue boots which also have laces on them, so they’re very similar to proper biker boots. This means that as well as doing the job, they also look pretty good too.

The Meadow range

Alternatively, another great list of potential Wellington boots is the Evercreatures Meadow range. These come in a wide variety of colours and designs, from Eggplant to Polka dot. They’re designed to be hardwearing and long lasting, making them suitable for festivals, and are also ones which come up to just above the ankle, making them a great alternative to the traditional full sized wellingtons. Regardless of the festival, you’re going to, and the type of clothing you’re going to be wearing, there’s a style which will suit everyone.


Do you feel like arriving at the festival with some class and style? The Camouflage range from Evercreatures is exactly what you need. Our unique design employs durable materials which are paired with a stylish look that will ensure you can attend the festival in nothing but style. Pairing with either Jeans or a mini skirt are one of many options, either would set off the festival look. If you’re looking for a pair of boots which will allow you to feel good about yourself and still provide all the functionality you’ll need for a festival; then these are the choice for you.

Overall, these are just a few of the wellingtons which would be perfect for a festival. Obviously, there should be an emphasis on high-quality materials which will see you through the entire event without fear of damage, and that is why all the wellingtons showcased here are ones which were designed with the best possible materials. Festivals can be muddy places, and if you’ve gone to the trouble of wearing a particular set of clothing, you’ll be very unhappy when mud creeps onto it and ruins the look you were planning. A good sturdy pair of wellies is ideal for ensuring that you can wear whatever you like without worry for getting covered in mud, and means you just have a perfect time enjoying all that the festival has to offer, so selecting the right pair is critical. Evercreatures knows this, which is why we have a broad range to suit all kinds of tastes.

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